Quick and Economical Skin Board Packaging

At Valcraft Printing & Packaging, we want to help you find the best packaging options that meet the needs of your products. Skin board packaging is the process in which your product is attached to the backing card with a plastic over top that holds your product in place.

Skin Board Packaging Process

Skin Board is a specially manufactured paper that is porous and allows air to pass through during the packaging process. Once the boards have been printed, a heat activated adhesive is applied and dried.

To package an item, the printed sheet with the adhesive applied and dried, is placed into a vacuum frame. The items to be packaged are aligned on the sheet, and finally a heated sheet of plastic is lowered to the sheet and a vacuuming process is started from below the sheet to remove all excess air drawing the hot plastic around the item. The hot plastic activates the glue where contact is made forming the bond.

Once the sheet has been packaged; it is then separated into individual packages with either the use of a die cutter, hand paper cutter or knife. Most items then will need to have a hanger hole punched into them to allow for peg hook hanging. If using the die cutting method a steel rule die is made which includes the hanger hole as well as usually rounded corners which will help reduce damage to corners (dog ears) in shipping and handling.

Skin Board Sizing
Skin Boards are printed in full sheets to match the machine in which it will be packed. Most common machine sizes are: 18”x24”, 24”x30” or 24”x36”, but custom variations are also available. Most sheets will have multiple items per sheet in either a set configuration or a simply repeated pattern for multiple uses.