Printing and Packaging Specifications

At Valcraft Printing & Packaging, we have solved a variety printing and packaging problems for a range of clients. We want to help you become familiar with some of our terms and technical parameters. We have successfully worked with clients in a multitude of industries in Abbotsford and throughout western Canada.

What Art and Creative Services Does Valcraft Offer?

At Valcraft we can assist you in any phase of the printing creation process including: layout, photography, copy, typography, finished illustration and art, paste-up and color proofs. We can complete your entire packaging job or a section of the process

Do You Provide Product UPC Codes?

What Is Picture Framing?

What about Hang Hole Location?

What Is Product Nesting?

What Is Ink Gamut and Process Printing?

What Should I Consider if I Want to Use Blister Cards?

What Sizes Are Available for Skin Packaging?

What about Color Bleeding?

What Is the Difference Between Coated and Uncoated Stock?