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Drink coasters
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Custom Drink Coasters

Count on the product experts at Valcraft Printing & Packaging to help you create a custom drink coaster that will get your product or company noticed. Coasters are a cost-effective way to create brand visibility for promotional events, parties and conventions. Call or email Valcraft today and let us help you create a customized drink coaster for your business or special occasion.

Drink Coaster Creation

Drink coaster are usually printed on heavy weight paper material that has special absorbing properties. Drink Coaster can be printed in a wide variety of colors including 4-color process. Colors can be difficult to match to glossy prints due to the absorbing properties of the paper drawing in the ink as well.

Valcraft Drink Coasters Make Great Promotional Items for

• Breweries

• Wineries

• Beverage companies

• Restaurants

• Pubs

• Advertising for real estate, accountants, cleaning companies, florists and more

• Special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and weddings

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