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Folded cartons
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At Valcraft Printing & Packaging, we serve Abbotsford and clients throughout western Canada for product packaging solutions that meet your company’s time constraints and bottom line. We offer clamshell packaging, edge fold blisters and header cards that will enhance your products features. Call Valcraft today and our product experts can guide you to the right packaging for your products. We look forward to working with your company.

Clamshell Packaging

Clamshell packaging is a hinged, preformed plastic blisters on 2 sides that shut around your product and snap shut.


• Excellent product protection

• Good perceived value

• Good visual of product

• Excellent anti-theft if welded

• Product can be reused if not welded

• Professional look

• No machine assembly if not welded


• Expensive tooling

• Labor intensive

• Does not stack well

• Cost usually high

• Not easily proto-typed

• Can be very difficult to open if welded

Folding Cartons

Folding cartons are paperboard weight boxes that will hold your product for retail display.

When creating a folding carton, a variety of materials may be used from recycled or virgin paperboard. The paperboard can be coated, uncoated, colored, textured or even holographic.

For food packaging, there are special applications that may require food grade FDA approved materials or special coating for moisture or freezer applications.

The printed sheet is printed flat then die-cut and scored to allow for final assembly into a box. The final product can take a variety of shapes including: square, rectangle, triangle, octagon or many other shapes.

Folding cartons have a greater surface area for your final design and can include the following design options: gold foiling, embossing, laminating or windowing.


• Good product protection

• Good for perceived value

• Lots of graphic surface

• Reusable packaging

• Easily cartoned & stacked

• Easily prototyped


• No or limited visual of product

• Labor intensive to seal cartons

Edge Fold Blisters

Edge fold blisters are preformed blisters that extend to edge of the card and then proceed to wrap over ½” or more onto the backside on 3 sides, allowing a backer card to slip in.


• Excellent product protection

• Fair perceive product value

• Creates product visibility

• Theft deterrent

• Professional appearance

• Re-closeable


• High tooling cost

• Labor intensive to fill if stapled

• Staple may pose problems if not closed

  all the way

• Heavy products may flex backing card

  causing package to fall apart

Bag & Headers

Bags and headers are used when a paper header is wrapped over the opening of a plastic bag and then stapled shut.


• Provides good product visibility

• Low manufacturing costs

• No machine assembly

• Packaging can be created as needed

• Production speeds can be increased


• No one time cost

• Easily prototyped


• Labor intensive packaging

• Appearance is not as professional as

  some other forms

• Items may shift in packaging

• Prone to tampering

• Does not stack well

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