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Blister packaging
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Create Product Visibility with Blister Cards

At Valcraft Printing & Packaging Ltd., We offer product packaging options that are not only cost-effective but protect your product. Blister cards allow your customer to have full view of your product. So, if you are looking for a solution that showcases your product while protecting it a blister card is a clear solution. We look forward to creating the right solution for you; contact our office in Abbotsford today.

Blister Packaging Process

Blister packaging is the process in which your product is attached to the backing card with a pre-formed plastic shell over top and adhered to the card holding the item firmly in place.

Blister board is a specially manufactured paper that is clay-coated (gloss) and has properties that allow the ink to sit on top, but permit a heat activated glue to penetrate through the coating. Once the boards have been printed a heat activated adhesive is applied and dried, then die-cut with hanger holes and finished shape.

To package a blister package, a set of sealing jigs is usually made allowing the shape of the preformed plastic blister to protrude through creating a flat surface on the back of the card where heat and pressure can be applied. The adhesive is activated with heat and pressure and once they are removed a near immediate bond is formed. This entire process takes only seconds from activation to adhesion.

Advantages of Blister Packaging

• Excellent product protection

• Good perceived value

• Good visual of product

• Excellent anti-theft

• Professional look

• Low cost on high volume

• High production output

Disadvantages of Blister Cards

• High tooling cost

• Not as good for lower volumes (costs)

• Packaging not resealable

• Doesn’t stack well

• Not easily proto-typed

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